NaPoWriMo Day21: List Poem


The night before the play calls for a list poem:

Hand stitching jackal ears
Scouring Goodwill for last minute props
Three boys still need costumes
Last minute line rehearsal
Jittery stomachs
The night before the play
Excitement energy
Break a leg

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NaPoWriMo Day20: Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny

Grandma, why do you have a basket in hand?
Grandma, where’s the Easter Bunny?
Grandma, I am telling mom.
Mom, is the Easter Bunny real? Tell me!
Grandma, how did the Easter Bunny disappear into thin air?
Mom, I told everyone. How does that feel?
Grandma, you mean there’s a legend about the Easter Bunny?
Grandma, I love what the Easter Bunny brought me.

Based on the events of the morning from grandgirl with other grandmother. My husband and I got texts before 7:00AM. And when asked about getting something from the Easter Bunny I was told “yes and no.” When pressing her, she said, “well, it’s a long story.” Someday she will laugh. And the other grandmother was able to repair the magic of the Easter Bunny.

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NaPoWriMo Day 19:


clever costumes
Tuesday’s performance
begins growing
the stage
preparing for
Tuesday’s performance

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NaPoWriMo Day18: Poetry Friday


Thank you to Robyn for hosting Poetry Friday Round-up.

A tritina:
The afternoon quiet interrupted by rain
as I sat with a book by the window
and watched the pinking of dogwood

Remembered when dad planted the dogwood
The red morning brought afternoon rain
I pressed my nose to the window

Plip plops, drip drops pounded the window
The wrens hunkered down in the dogwood
The afternoon quiet interrupted by rain.

Look out the window, enjoy the the dogwood and the rain.

How to write a tritina:
1 2 3 – End words of lines in first tercet.
3 1 2 – End words of lines in second tercet.
2 3 1 – End words of lines in third tercet.
(1 2 3) – Words contained in the final line.

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NaPoWriMo Day 17: Fairy Tale Haiku


More haiku:

vines entrapping
the house
sleeping for one hundred years
in the forest
follow them

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NaPoWriMo Day 16: Haiku

three pigs stir the pot
the smell of
huffing and puffing stew

The Shiki Monthly Kukai has declared the free form to be an allusion haiku. For some reason my mind went to different fairy tales. I can’t share until after the contest. More tomorrow.

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SOL14: NaPoWriMo Day 15: Tax Day




Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for having a place to share our weekly slices.

throws a curve
paralyzes me
I file for an extension

I hate this day. (remember I am not fond of math). I hate gathering the information.  “This year” I always say. This year I will do better.  And yet, when I get into gathering the the receipts, the documentation on what I have spent as a teacher, the miles I have driven, then I become almost obsessive with finding everything.

I went to the tax lady last week.  I felt proud to have almost all the correct documents.  Actually the only thing missing were the teaching receipts which I will work on after next week’s school play, after writing thirty poems this month.

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