Wordless Wednesday: Week 4

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SOL2020: 3/52 Remembering a Friend

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers each week. 

People debate the pros and cons of Facebook. For me, I like it for the very fact that it connects me with my friends from childhood through high school. It keeps me in touch with family on the other coast.

Lately, many of my high school friends have been abuzz in anticipation of our 50th high school reunion. We were the first graduating class of Royal High School in Simi Valley, CA. We were a bonded class because essentially we were seniors for both junior and senior years. We are also bonded to the classes of 1971 and 1972 as well because beginning history of a school was there for the creating.

These are my pages from yesterday and today. I was shocked to learn that one of our classmates died very unexpectedly on Sunday. HB was a kind and humble soul. He worked hard, had a smile for everyone, and would lift people up.

His brother said on FB that while HB was always hoping to find that hidden treasure, strike it lucky, or find a pot of gold, he was the poet of gold in the manner in which he treated those around him.

I didn’t know him well but through Facebook we kept in touch. A birthday hello or a Merry Christmas, etc. And if someone was in need, HB would lift them in prayer. I was looking forward to seeing him this September at the reunion.

He would undoubtedly have his Royal High Scrap Books for us to all review and reminisce. He would most likely recall a story or two from high school days. And he would have a hug and a smile for us all.

It makes me sad to know HB will not be with our group. Today as I write this, I have heard that another friend’s partner joined HB today after an illness and that another is struggling with health issues.

All this reminds me of the importance of my OLW for the year : JOY. It’s something I look for each day. I was glad to know the joy of the friendship with HB.

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Sunday Solace: Week 4

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Poetry Friday: Remembering William Stafford

Thanks to Catherine at Reading to the Core for hosting Poetry Friday. On this day in 1914, William Stafford was born.  He would later become a prolific poet and writer, the US Poet Laureate in 1970 and the Oregon Poet Laureate in 1972.  He also taught at my alma mater, Lewis and Clark College.

Once in the 40’s is a poem From The Way It Is by William Stafford. Copyright © 1982, 1998 by the Estate of William Stafford.

In honor of him, I selected a poem, found a line, and wrote a Golden Shovel.

“and no matter how far, to be so happy again.”

anticipation hangs like icicles and

the space between breaths no

longer matter

we wonder how

snowflakes drift so far

so fast attaching one by one to

winter’s bare branches. be 

still as the towhees make snow tracks so 

others find the seeds and dine happy

anticipation hangs like icicles again

©jone rush macculloch, draft 2020

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 3

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SOL2020: 2/52 How a Poem Can Lead You Down the Rabbit Hole

JRM sol
Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers each week. And thanks to Ramona Behnke for the idea of numbering each weeK _/52.

Someone contacted me about writing a small piece for a tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins.  How you select just one book as a favorite?  Yesterday, I read to second graders, GOOD BOOKS, GOOD TIMES.  It’s basically a compendium of loves letters to reading and books.

One thing I have discovered in my ten days of participating in #100daysofnotebooking is that it’s a wonderful way to prime the pump for writing.


The last poem in the book brings up the question: “What if you found yourself in a book?”

For me, it was THE ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O’dell.  It was 1961 and I was in fourth grade.  I loved that book and the character Karana.  What I remember is being drawn to her because she was alone and becoming self-reliant.  At some deep level, I recognized that me in me.  I was a year younger that the other kids.  I was academically capable but socially immature.  It made me feel like an outsider at times.  I cried a lot.

Recently, I had lunch with one of my school mates who has moved to the area.  She confirmed that some of the kids were mean to us both.  We both are dreamers and artists who didn’t fit in with the popular group.

So yes, I am glad that a book might contain a character that may mirror the inside you.  You are left wondering how did the author know.


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Sunday Solace: Week 3

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