Solace in Sunday: Week 4

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Poetry Friday: For Mary Oliver

Thanks to Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

The light of the poetry world dimmed with the passing of Mary Oliver. I offer this in response to the poem, Meadowlark, I found in her book, FELICITY.

Her poems begins:


Has anyone seen the meadowlark?
I’ve been looking for probably
forty years now



In April, I saw the meadowlark…for you, Mary, may their songs be with you on your next journey.

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 3

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SOL19: Starting Class

It’s Tuesday. Time for the Slice of Life Community found at Two Writing Teachers. Welcome the #2019SOLCommunity.

I find it hard to believe that January is half over. And yet I feel there is molasses in the movement of the days. It’s a bit strange as this is the first month that wasn’t lined up with sub jobs or a trip that Hubs and I planned.

Perhaps this is a good thing. It’s a time to nest, declutter (have you been watching Marie Kondo?), and enjoy what winter is all about. Enjoying the hygge.

Last week I wrote about my writing room and my OLW, IMAGINE. I’ve been imagining taking a writing class to provide structure and focus. This week the adventure begins.

I received word last Tuesday that the writing class I was waitlisted on had opened a spot. Did I still want to attend. Heck, YES! A chance to work with a local author whose writing I love? Absolutely.

Today I start at The Attic Institute taking Emily Whitman’s Writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Novel class. I will get to share my writing with eight new eyes and receive feedback. I get to be a student pursuing what I want to pursue.

I’m a bit nervous. I’m excited too. What if my writing sucks and makes no sense except to those in my writing group who have been with me from the beginnings ten years ago.

I must say the one thing that I took away from PRAIRIE FIRES by Caroline Fraser is that Laura Ingalls Wilder was close in age to me when she published The Little House on the Prairie series. Imagine that! (That said, the story reflects the very difficult and not cheerful life of LIW).

In addition to the class, I’m hunkering down and reading THE MAGIC WORD by Cheryl B. Klein and THE EMOTIONAL CRAFT of FICTION by Donald Maass. I’m reevaluating the emotional arc of my characters. It’s time to really zero in and polish and make my story shine.


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Sunday Solace: Week 3

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Poetry Friday: Finding Joy. Imagine, My OLW

It’s Friday and I have a fire going and am watching the birds flit in and out on the deck. I’m thinking about this first winter of retirement and how I love the time to nestle in and be more intentional in what I do. I’ve been looking for joy each day as a means of gratitude.

I’m super thankful that Kat at Kathryn Apel is hosting Poetry Friday today. I’ve been noticing that many in the PF community have been adding #MoPoetry2019. I discovered the meaning at Kat’s New Year post.

Playing with words and writing short poems on a daily basis is something I am attempting to do. Today I have this:

morning sky
colors blend anew

© jone rush macculloch

IMAGINE is my OLW for 2019.

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 2

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