Poetry Friday: Poetry Swap

Thanks to Carol at Carol’s Corner for hosting us today. She has the most adorable puppy, Rooney that she’s helping to raise for Canine Partners of the Rockies.

Journey –A triolet

The journey is yours. Alone
you escape a world of unrest,
quell life’s drone.
The journey is yours alone.
In the silence of the stone,
find solace. The quest,
the journey: it’s yours. Alone
you escape the world to find rest.

~Mary Lee Hahn, 2019

There is much to love about this. Mary Lee found an image I posted (Grand Canyon, June 2019), a word, and a line from the poem I sent her. She created her first triolet and it’s a stunner. It’s my second triolet to So maybe triolets are the form for summer.

Mary Lee capture the emotions and feelings of that moment at the Grand Canyon. It’s the place to go to really unplug from the world. I was surprised when the person checking us in at Yavapai Hotel apologized for NOT having super fast wi-fi.
WHAT! It’s the number one complaint of tourists. CRAZY. I was there to unplug.

My found haiku response:

your journey alone
in the silence of the stone
quelling the unrest

~jone rush macculloch

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 29

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Sunday Solace: Week 29

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Poetry Friday: What’s Your Poetry Fortune?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all poetry goodness in the blogosphere! I am posting early as I will be busy later today.

I’ve been participating in the summer poetry exchange organized by the talented. Tabatha. This week, I received an exchange from her. It’s like she was able to look into my childhood and saw I loved fortune tellers as a child.

You have played with these, right?

Exchange (8) Celebrate (9)

Experiment (10) Feast (5)

Imagine (7) Vanish (6)

Mix (3) Open (4)

When you lift the flap:

Song or question A storm or window

Castle or cake. Saturday or summer

Cocoon or egg A mammal or monster

Danger or surprise A dream or doctor

Yesterday, I had time and sat at Starbucks, playing with this. I saw a couple of smiles from some kids sitting near me.

HAIKU (mix, cake, vanish)

mom mixes a cake
like magic
we make it vanish

ACROSTIC (feast, summer, exchange)

Poetry feast
Of summer
Exchanging poems
That arrive in your mailbox
Ready for some magic?
You’ll be surprised

Tabatha sent me a blank fortune teller. My head is spinning with ideas on how to bring this into the classroom when I sub next year. Thanks, Tabatha!

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 28

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Sunday Solace: Week 28

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Poetry Friday: Week 27

Thanks to Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect for all poetry goodness this week.

ships on the river

at sunset

an eagle takes flight

~jone rush macculloch (2019 draft)

I’m looking forward to hosting next week.

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