Sol 16: Found Object Poetry Challenge, Day 9


It’s Tuesday and time to share our slices at Two Writing Teachers.


This image was submitted by Mary Lee Hahn for Laura Shovan’s Found Objects Poetry Challenge.   And Michelle’s DMC is to write a “ditty’, suggested by David L. Harrison.

The word “ditty” comes from the Old French “to compose.”

Wheelbarrow tracks
the soft, garden mud.

Having rained
three nights ago
the dirt
is like modeling clay.

Straight, simple
obtuse, acute, right angles

father would be
geometry in the soil

Wheelbarrow tracks
parallel lines
in which I compose a ditty.

© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

This is very rough and I will probably return to revise.  But this is a milestone.  I have my writing for SOL and Laura’s challenge done before the end of Tuesday.



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Found Objects Poetry Challenge: Day 8

Laura Shovan is challenging all who want to participate in a daily writing challenge this month. It’s consists of found objects.

This week, I plan to be more intentional in my daily writing practice. Last week was to my best.

So today, Diane Mayr gives us this:

My response:

The Face

In the park

The elderly man
crying. His boyhood friend
just died.

Star crossed lovers
their next rendezvous.

A child
about spiders.

It’s this way
each day.

The face
revealing secrets.
© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

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Found Objects Challenge: Day Three

At Laura Shovan’s blog, there’s great found objects challenge this month. Here’s our prompt for today:


honey globes
remains of the hive
sun pearls

© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved


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SOL: February Found Objects Prompts


IMG_0785It’s Tuesday and time for SOL.  Please head to Two Writing Teachers for more slices.
This is from Laura Shovan’s blog.  This February she’s posting found objects for people to respond in either poetry or prose.  Is this cool? A one hundred year old mailing box.

Her frail hands
handed me the box.
Take it, she said,
don’t look inside.
Burn it.

Fingers crossed,
I promised
to spark a match
and watch the flames
the new moon
tipped like a bowl
hung low in the sky.

She crossed over
by the tide of life.

The box
rests on the mantel.
Its secrets
tug until I must
open it like

And when I do?
It’s a letter from
the war.
She’d have to return
her wedding dress.
He was not returning.

© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

This mailing box reminded me of the great secret about an aunt.  After she passed, my brother and I discovered she’d been engaged but received word that he had changed his mind about the marriage.  It really explained a lot about this aunt as she never married.  This was a deep hurt.







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SOL16: It’s Okay to Read in the Afternoon


It’s Tuesday, time to share our slices at Two Writing Teachers.

I love reading books. It’s a major reason for being a teacher librarian.

I have a secret: I seem to have myself convinced I can only read before bed. Even on the weekend. I think I have to be busy and productive on the weekend before I allow my self time to read.

I have a lot to read and am always puzzled how some people can read so many books in a year.

As part of my OLW: focus, I am focusing on the habit of reading in the afternoon during the weekend.

I tried this last Saturday. I had a copy of The Hired Girl by Amy Schlitz from the library. It was due on Sunday and had holds  so I couldn’t renew the book. So I read. I got lost in a book in the afternoon. And it was pretty neat to do.

Hoping to find more afternoons of reading. It’s okay to read in the afternoon.






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SOL16: Stuck


It’s Tuesday, time to share our slices at Two Writing Teachers.

Hate to admit this but I feel stuck in my writing. It was all I could do to write this post tonight. I seriously considered skipping this week.

It feels like I have nothing to contribute.

I set my novel aside this fall knowing I need to overhaul it. And I’m not sure where to start.

I hope this passes soon.

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SOL16: Meet My OLW


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for a place
to share our slices each Tuesday.

Brand new year. Brand new One Little Word.  I’ve been thinking about my word for 2016 over the last couple of weeks.  It’s been a bit of Mr. Toad’s Wild ride with having neck surgery for disc replacement a week before Christmas.  That was the easy part.   Two days after Christmas, I wasn’t feeling myself (and thanks to my smart phone with a heart rate feature), I went to the emergency room.  Turns out I had blood clots in the lungs so I spent two nights in the hospital.

My health is a big part of my life.  I knew that my OLW needed to speak to my health goals as well as my writing goals and other goals for this year.  I thought about MOVE and ACTIVE but I really like FOCUS.  And when I went looking for a couple of quotes for FOCUS, I discovered these:


Love this quote because my health does matter.  A lot.


And this quote will remind me as I work on my novel.  It’s so close to being ready and yet so far from being ready.  I’ve been on break with it.  I needed to step away  for a bit and let it simmer in the subconscious.

Do you have a OLW for 2016?  What is it?

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