snow meadow

the word no one heard



blackened snow

the slush of mean words

melt away

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 3


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SOL: One Thousand


Thankful that it’s Tuesday and time for a slice of life.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for holding a space to share.

Get out the party hats and  throw confetti. This is my 1000 post on this blog. Woohoo!

thousand posts
writing habits bloom

It’s been quite the week in the northwest, particularly in the Portland Metro area.  Last Tuesday, I drove home as snow fell. It’s been a week since we had school.  Today the warming rains arrived.

frozen white
the city stands still
silent protesting

quiet time
a distant train horn
first notice

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Sunday Solace: Week 2


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night stillness
the door left open

the door left open
night stillness

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Poetry Friday: 01/13/2017


Keri at Keri Recommends is hosting Poetry Friday today.  Thank you.


feathers ruffled
winds of change howl
hunker down


hunkered down
winds of change howl
feathers ruffled

Backstory: This is our resident Anna Hummingbird.  One of two that protect their feeder. I can tell them apart as this one has a bit of white on his side.  Last Saturday, when the wind was howling you could visibly see the feathers moving.

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quiet room
sipping cozied tea
full moon sets

BACKSTORY:  These unexpected snow days have allowed for me to watch the daytime awake as the full moon sets.

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