Poetry Friday: This and That and In Between

Thanks to Linda B. at TeacherDance for hosting Poetry Friday today.

When I look at look at my posting history over the last two months, it’s a bit slim especially with Poetry Friday.  I’ve sort have been in a writing slump. 

My trip to the poetry workshop at Highlights Foundation was incredible, amazing, intense, and challenging.  I still have yet to write a proper post about the experience.  Two things for sure:

  • I’ve torn apart the writing room since my return (this was thanks to Rebeccca Kai Dotlitch’s and Georgia Heard’s sharing and discussing their writing space on the first day) . It was like I got hit with “I-know-what-I-want-to-do-with-the-space” bug along with the extreme need to sort and purge all the things I brought home from school.  When finished, I’ll show before and after.
  • My big question take away:  How do I write more for children? It became very evident to me that I write a lot in a more adult tone. I am processing this quite a bit and my writing has slowed way down.  It’s all good as I know I am working at a subconscious level.
Plus because of the generosity of the authors and the Highlights Foundation, my suitcase was a bit heavier on the way home with books. One of them was A Kick in the Head by Paul Janeczko. It just so happens, I have a copy of this book to give away this week. Please comment below to be entered into a drawing. I will let the winner know next Friday.

Can you believe it’s NOVEMBER?  One thing that working in the writing room has done for me is to rediscover these wonderful New Year Postcards.  It was such a great way to celebrate the incoming year. Plus, I consider it a New Year through the Chinese New years so you have time in January.   

Please sign up via the Google sheet.  You can either send five,m send ten or this year if you want the whole list of participants, you can opt for it. (We’ve had between 16-20 participants.

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Poetry Friday: Variations on a Theme

Thanks to Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup for hosting Poetry Friday today.

Remember this? I wrote about 18 poems before life happened(the catch up of being gone two weeks). When Amy Souza invited us to create postcards for October, that photo came to mind.

And someone had mentioned something about talon stems. Thus, I came up with these three postcards which I mailed this week.

And speaking of postcards…soon, very soon, I will have an invite to create New Year Postcards. (Seems weird to be thinking of 2019)

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Sunday Solace: Week 43

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