#haikuforhealing / 10

sesame cookies

old family recipe

ancestors live on

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Poetry Friday is at Check It Out.

#liftingaline from Linda at A Word Edgewise: poems stand in line

poems stand in line
create a wall of healing
for all who read

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the wind scritchy-scratches
one by one snowflakes arrive
while I write


the wind scritchy-scratches
while I write
one by one snowflakes arrive

Backstory:  Last night, the district (and most districts in the PDX-Vancouver. WA area) called off school. A day in the writing room and I notice the howling, my owl mobile spinning faster that tilt-a-whirl, and the signs on the front the condo banging because of the wind.  And the tiniest of snowflakes appearing.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the “snow/ice” event actually happens.

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#haikuforhealing/ 7




This is a belated (1. I forgot to post yesterday and 2. from the DMC challenge last month).

Backstory: Thank you Carol, for introducing this idea to me.  The photo was take on November 11, 2016.  My hubs and I went to the coast for time to let the negative ions wash over me.

I knew this would be the photo for my solace/refuge poem.  I also struggled with getting it out of my brain.  This is probably not the poem I sat down to write but it is the haiku that appeared this weekend when working on a project.

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 49


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SOL16: The Holidays,#haikuforhealing/6, & Poetry Postcard Exchange


Two Writing Teachers always have a space for us each Tuesday to share a slice and I am grateful.

Thanksgiving was a delight as my husband and I were surrounded by our daughters, grand girls, and their other grandmother.  Eight of us for dinner.  Three cousins having a wild rumpus. The house decorated in a festive way.

I struggle with the holidays. My childhood usually had grandmothers and aunts visiting or us traveling to see the great aunt and uncle.  We were surrounded with families.  But today, the holidays are complicated by blended families and grandgirls with their fathers so planning ahead is challenging.

I don’t do well with unstructured time.  I know this and had a conversation with my therapist who reminded me that this is a common theme for this time of year.  We discussed ways to make the holidays what I want it to be.

It surprises me a bit as I can be quite content by myself with the never ending stash of magical art projects and writing and yet, this time of year, I miss those people who are no longer with us.  I miss the noise of the holidays.

So this weekend my husband and I made some plans for the winter break. We are going to the coast for a couple of days before Christmas.  I love the ocean so this is a perfect way to spend the holiday.


I found this line and am borrowing from Diane at Random Noodling:

Christmas past
always in the background
new traditions start



Would you like to ring in the new year with a postcard?  Read this post for details and fill out this form

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first snow
wet, sloppy flakes
children cheer

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