SOL16: Friend Time


It’s Tuesday and time for a Slice of Life hosted by  Two Writing Teachers.

IMG_5887 Friend Time at Seaside, OR

This weekend was the annual weekend for a gathering of these friends.  It was windy, can you tell?  We have been going to the coast together for close to thirty years.  Some years, we have a couple others join us.  Last year, I was unable to go because I was packing and getting ready to move.

It was a pretty chill weekend.   A much needed respite.  One of us is dealing with four family members in their nineties, one is a brand new grandma and just arrived from AZ, one is settling into her house and garden, and I am counting the days until summer vacation.  We sometimes venture to nearby Cannon Beach but we opted to hang out in Seaside.   We hung out, read and talked. Ate some chocolate and ice cream with fresh Oreogn strawberries.

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SOL16: The Global Community

IMG_0785It’s Tuesday and time for a slice of life.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers, we all share our lives and are part of a global community.

I’ve been talking to my students about being a digital citizen and being part of a global community.  With third through fifth grade, they have experienced being part of the global community through the Poetry Postcard Project.

It’s such a vast contrast to my third through fifth grade when I was a child.  It was pretty cool that I had a pen pal from New Jersey, courtesy of my aunt and uncle.  But communicating with others in foreign countries, it wasn’t done, easily.  And today, it’s just a click her and there for collaborating, checking in, and chatting.

This is what I think when I talk to classes about being a digital citizen.  How cool is that we are connected so far and wide.  How when I push publish for this post the world is able to read it if they so choose.

There’s a part of me that worries about the amount of screen time, the darker aspects of being online, and how even though I talk about being good citizens, some will make poor decisions and either bully or be bullied.  And evens so, I believe that the postives of being part of a global community out weighs it all.

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Wordless Wednesday: Playing with Postcards

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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SOL16: Reflecting on National Poetry Month


I love Tuesdays.  Its always time for a Slice of Life hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

I have had a lot of time to reflect on National Poetry Month over the last week.  Overall I posted twenty-nine of thirty days.   I feel pretty good about the month of poems I have generated.  They are certainly drafts and meant to revisit and revise possibly.  There are some that I consider a mere writing exercise and I will let them be.

I kept comparing this year to 2015.  This year each day had a focus:

Scribble Sundays: Sijos, Senyrus, Sestinas
Mystery Monday: Will is be a Pantoum, an Echo Poem, a Tritina?
Take-a-line Tuesdays: I’ll be sharing a line of from a poem as a prompt
Word Wednesdays:  I’ll be choosing a word to use in a poem
Tanka Thursdays: Tankas
Free style Fridays:  Free Verse?  Fibonacci? What inspires me that week?
Shadorma Saturdays:More about Shadormas.
I loved the writing the two sestinas.  They were written at the coast.  I am revising one to submit to a local venue. It was like figuring out a puzzle.
My favorite poems are a result of  photos.  Photography definitely is a muse for me.

When I think about this year compared to last year, I feel there’s a lack of cohesiveness to the poetry this year.  Last year every post included a photo, a definition, and a poem.  This year felt to focused on form.  Word Wednesdays were the worst for me.  My poem Stuck is an example.
I really enjoyed writing poems based on my trip to Minidoka.
Next year, I am thinking found objects.  It certainly will be a focus of my photography this year.  I loved Laura Shovan’s daily prompts in February.
The best part of challenging myself in April is developing the habit of writing daily.  It’s okay that some of these poems are merely word play.
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NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Challenge 29/30: Freestyle Fridays

2016 NaPoWriMo

shimmers on the pond
fish scatter to escape breakfast

©Jone Rush MacCulloch

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NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Challenge 28/30: Tanka Thursdays

2016 NaPoWriMo

root cellar.jpg

fifty railroad cars
contain root vegetables
stored in this cellar
forgotten lives abandoned
relocated internees

©Jone Rush MacCulloch

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NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Challenge 27/30: Word Wednesdays

2016 NaPoWriMo

Today’s word is SPIRAL.  I am taking it from Mary Lee Hahn’s line in the 2016 Progressive Poem found HERE.

I love the ZENO form. J. Patrick Lewis created the “zeno” poetry form. It’s a 10-line verse form with a repeating syllable count of 8,4,2,1,4,2,1,4,2,1. The rhyme scheme is abcdefdghd.

Bee Zeno

The morning walk in the canyon
honeybees buzz,
gather pollen
for the
blissful workers
strive to

©Jone Rush MacCulloch





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