One Deep Breath suggested to write about person who has imparted a legacy to you…or a legacy that you hope to pass on to someone else.

My grandmother, Sadie Rush MacCulloch, was such a person. She taught until she was in her eighties. She travelled each summer to visit her two grandchildren.

Laughter infectious
a lap for curling up in
story time begins

She had hobbies: needlework (she taught me how to do French knots), played solitaire and other card games. I turned down one of her legacies.

Knotting thread half-loops
Nimble fingers push shuttle
Delicate doilies

Each one left handed
Granddaughter turns up nose
At offer to learn

I was always curious at some of her sayings, “After three days, company smells like fish” and “I am going to put some “ippy” on.” (ippy is lipstick). But what was more curious to me was what she did with cucumbers ( something I still do today)

Snipped cucumber end
Circular motion on rest
Getting poison out

I visited her daughter, my aunt, earlier this month. I read some of my poetry to her. Her comment? “You get that from your grandmother.” A wonderful legacy to be imparted.

Reader, journals kept
Brittle pages aging now
Memory keeper

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4 Responses to Legacy

  1. Bice Sagan says:

    … a wonderful legacy indeed.

  2. susanlavonne says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother…an a very enjoyable glimpse into her life.

  3. Mary says:

    Touching. Your grandmother really impressed you! I wonder how long it took for you to write the poems. It would have taken me *days* to come up with ones as nice.

  4. Jane Poe (aka Deborah) says:

    Excellent piece of prose with brilliant bits of poetry accenting your memories. Aren’t grandmother’s wonderful??

    much peace, JP

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