Poetry Thursday: Summer

Like the moderators of Poetry Thursday, I have been taking a break from writing a poem each Thursday. Yesterday, a poem came knocking as I sat in the backyard to read.


Fresh air living space
I sit, rest, and watch
Spotted towhees flit here, there
Scrounging the next meal

I sit, rest, and watch
A warm breeze caresses
Wind chimes lull me asleep
My book falls to the ground

A warm breeze caresses
Whirring wings of the hummingbirds
As they send Morse code messages
To each other

The whirring wings of the hummingbirds
Am I dreaming?
A petite energy warehouse
Cupped in my hands and released

Am I dreaming?
Short rapid barks startled me
I awaken. Pick up my book
Surrounded by fresh air living space

Yikes. Sad news. I visited Poetry Thursday to leave my link and found out that Poetry Thursday will be ending in August. Hopefully, someone will pick it up. It is such a cool web page for poetry prompts.

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12 Responses to Poetry Thursday: Summer

  1. Mike Mc says:

    Tiel Aisha Ansari and I, Mike McCulley, have created a ‘poetry exchange’ blog at Totally Optional Prompts , and you are invited to participate.

  2. Fledgling Poet says:

    You evoked the same wonderful feelings I have when I sit out in my back yard enjoying the sun and some peaceful moments with nature…beautiful poem!

  3. K.M.Ryan says:

    very nice.

  4. Constance says:

    Lovely. very lyrical. 🙂

  5. tumblewords says:

    Nicely said. The softness and easiness of a fine summer day.

  6. etain_lavena says:


  7. Tammy says:

    Ha! I wrote my PT on hummingbirds. lol Great minds. lol

    Rob will keep it alive, thank goodness!


  8. gautami tripathy says:

    Summer afternoons are horrible in Delhi. Seems you are lucky to have great ones.

    I enjoyed reading your poem.

  9. Regina Clare Jane says:

    Oh, it sounds heavenly, Jone- a beautiful poem- so restful.

  10. paisley says:

    the peace and resurrection found on the summers afternoon.. just beautiful…..

  11. Crafty Green Poet says:

    summer dreams full of humming birds = lovely.

  12. Brian says:

    I was there with you in your waking dream. The sounds and the feelings of being somewhere else.

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