Sunday Scribblings: Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
My obsession is journals. I love buying them. I just bought one yesterday to “record my thoughts, experiences, and feelings” as I go through the national boards for teaching. I wonder if I will consistently write.

You see, that is my problem, diary. I start with good intentions and then? Well, then, I forget or I am tired or I write about it on my blog.

I do not dare go to Powell’s City of Books. It is all over if I walk near the journal section. I mean, last June, I bought two purse-sized journals. Now I ask you how many purse-sized journals do I need in my purse at one time? Thankfully, I sent one to my niece. She writes in a journal. Maybe she will need one for her purse.

I have a journal for book ideas, a journal to list the books I have read, a gratitude journal, the purse journal, the cool words notebook, and I just upgrade my calendar to a larger size so I could put journal notes in it. I participated in a journal swap last spring. I write original haiku in that journal. Of course, it is not up to date.

What should I do diary? Any thoughts? I wish I could buy a quill like Rita Skeeter so that my journals would be up to date.

Obsessed Journal Collector

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7 Responses to Sunday Scribblings: Dear Diary

  1. Inland Empire Girl says:

    I am glad to read about another journal junkie! Of course now you will need a National Board year journal!

  2. AnnieElf says:

    You had me laughing here Jone. I remember well our adventure at Powells and the journals that were on sale. I bought four or five. I think you were more circumspect but hey, a girl can’t have enough journals.

  3. Remiman says:

    I buy scads of journals too. I’ve never kept a diary unless a blog counts. I start my journals with all good intentions (sometimes I even put words in them) but I either don’t have them with me when i need to write something down or I just can’t be bothered. Now, if I collected all the scraps of paper upon which I have jotted “journal” stuff I could fill untold scrapebooks. Hmm, maybe that’s a project… a journal scrapebook. 😉

  4. Rob Kistner says:

    You could join “Scriptomaniacs Anonymous”… or simply relax, and enjoy your collection of journals… 😉 I’ll keep my eye out for you in the journal section the nect time I’m in Powell’s.

  5. gautami tripathy says:

    I like that quill idea. I too wish for one. But I am a muggle..:)

  6. Tammy says:

    I would probably do the same thing if I could write. They are so beautiful. I remember when day planners first came out. I loved buying them and filling them up. Blogger headers changing will have to do. lol

  7. Becca says:

    I love journal books too, and have a great collection of beautiful books…all blank!! The only thing I seem to write in consistently are plain old spiral notebooks (on sale now for back to school!)

    I was never succssful with diary keeping until I started doing morning pages – three pages every morning of simple stream of consciousness, whatever I’m thinking, dreaming, worrying about, whatever. No pressure to be profound or beautiful…just writing.

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