Sunday Scribblings: Writing

My Writing Space

This is my space. It is located in the creativity part of the house according to feng shui principles. It is where I come to write, bead, and scrapbook.
The kachinas are from my father. He loved the southwest culture as I do. They are like angels to me. And there is one of Laini’s Ladies. I love the quote on her by James Michner: “I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

I have attempted a consistent writing practice this past year. Prompts from Sunday Scribblings, One Deep Breath, and sadly, the now defunct Poetry Thursday ( I can’t believe it is really gone)have been inspiring. There is something magical about this community of bloggers. This is what I love about technology, it has made our world smaller.
My alarm rings at 5 A.M. I roll out of bed (some days, I hit the snooze). I let the dogs and the cat out. I grab coffee, walk to into my writing space. I like the transition of this time. I must turn on the overhead light in the morning. Just weeks ago, I could work by the natural light and the light from the computer. I love this quiet space to explore through writing. I am developing a practice of morning pages.
morning writing time
benefactors look down
fledgling writer
The other piece about writing I love is re-reading my journals and old letters. My aunt has made it a practice to send me letters I wrote her as an adult. And I have letters from friends during college years. I wish I had the letters wrote as a child and teen. I wrote pages and pages to friends and a penpal.
For more on writing, visit here.
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4 Responses to Sunday Scribblings: Writing

  1. kim says:

    HI Im your create a connection … ive ben traveling. sorry. I need your address to mail you some of my fav. things. THanks Kim

  2. AnnieElf says:

    After reading a few of these offerings to Writer’s Island, I finally got the inspiration I need to write something for it. Hope I’m not too late.

  3. tumblewords says:

    Nicely written. It’s fun to see where you write – kachinas and the southwest live in my inner dreams. Writers Island is the new Poetry Thursday. I’m sure you know, but in case…

  4. January says:

    I love seeing the creative spaces of others. Thanks for sharing.

    I think letter-writing is a lost art, sadly. I wish I had written more letters when I was younger. But there’s really no reason why I can’t start now.

    Great post!

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