One Deep Breath: Simple Pleasures

One Deep Breath asks us about our simple pleasures this week. It is a gorgeous fall weekend and I am working in the garden today.

Simple Pleasures

steaming cuppa joe
sunlight peeking through branches
early Sunday morn

thick novel in lap
easy faraway transport
birdsong returns home

moist chocolate earth
holes dug, worms start wiggle dance
moving day for plants

What are your simple pleasures? For more, visit here.

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4 Responses to One Deep Breath: Simple Pleasures

  1. January says:

    Yes, moist chocolate earth is great. Sounds like a great Sunday to me.

  2. Tammy says:

    There you are Jone. I think your simple pleasure works for me. đŸ™‚

  3. qualcosa di bello says:

    my morning choice, everyday simple pleasure…steaming mug of coffee – perfect!

  4. Inland Empire Girl says:

    My favorite line is “moist chocolate earth.” This is my idea of simple pleasures also.

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