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One Deep Breath: Adventure

Quiet Paths suggested “adventure” as the theme. mr. squirrel thumps tail eats sunflower seeds, dogs bark glass wall separates ++++++++++++++++++++ two granddaughters play princess dresses make believe adventure magic +++++++++++++++++++++ frost whiskers on leaves sun peeks out above mountain ridge … Continue reading

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One Deep Breath: Belonging

Squash, Milwaukie Famer’s MarketOctober, 2007 “Belonging”, the prompt at One Deep Breath fits the theme of this year’s Thanksgiving card. bountiful autumnfamily, food, friends, blessingslove surrounds, give thanks +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More on Belonging: dark envelopes me fire flickers, sparks pop ignite … Continue reading

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Robert’s Snow: An Auction to Raise Money for Cancer Research

“Let It Snow” by Annette Simon For week’s there have been many bloggers from the children’s lit world (kidlitosphere) bringing awareness to a snowflake auction. This money is for cancer research. I am featuring five artists on my library blog, … Continue reading

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One Deep Breath: Loneliness

It is Friday. I have haiku to contribute. It has been a good week. “Loneliness” is the prompt for the week thanks to Patois. misty fog threads citya leaf tumbles, floats from branchI peer from window nose pressed on windowrain … Continue reading

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One Deep Breath: Change

I see a small group of students for lunch on Thursdays. We write poetry. I often use the prompts by One Deep Breath for the group as appropriate. Lots of times I write as well. Wrote this but missed the … Continue reading

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Mrs. Halloween: You Have to Have Fun

Yesterday was Halloween. My husband and I joined our daughters and their families to take the grand babies trick or treating. It is what grandparents do, right? It morphed into the grandparents (that would be me and my husband) dressing … Continue reading

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