Mrs. Halloween: You Have to Have Fun

Yesterday was Halloween. My husband and I joined our daughters and their families to take the grand babies trick or treating. It is what grandparents do, right? It morphed into the grandparents (that would be me and my husband) dressing up.

The morning started out normal. I left for school in black,white, and orange striped socks (I LOVE striped socks), a black skirt, burnt sienna top and black vest. I adorned the creepy spider postage stamp pin on the vest (more on that, later). As I was passing through the garage, I remembered a crazy hat so I grabbed it. This was about as close to dressing up as I could get without, blatantly shouting, “I have fun on Halloween even though others hate the holiday.”

These days at school it is business as normal (well, in some rooms it is like that and others rooms? Let’s say they have a lot of fun) We have a large part of our school population that does not acknowledge Halloween. Now there are some who don’t even want their children participating in anything related to harvest activities. My second graders notices the creepy spider pin and thought it was great. Mostly the boys, the girls, not so much.

But I digress. So through out the day, the idea grew: create a little costume myself. A black wig for under the hat, dark eye make-up. I headed to the local store after school. That was a last minute mad house. And found not just a wig but a hat with a spider web and green hair! Plus besides the black lipstick, I found “tattoo sleeves” for my husband!

My three year old granddaughter referred to me as “Mrs. Halloween” after the initial fright wore off. Too funny. Her uncle (dad of our other grandchild) showed up as “Pooh”.

We all started off and what a blast. The neighborhood we visited was packed with families. A cold, crisp night with crunchy leaves beneath brought back memories of when my parents took me around. Could it be a new tradition has begun?

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4 Responses to Mrs. Halloween: You Have to Have Fun

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  2. eisha says:

    Love it. Very creative, and just look at bad-boy Chuck. Not to mention the PRECIOUS PUNKIN’ FAIRY BABIES! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. AnnieElf says:

    What a blast and adorable little fairty. And a Pooh Bear daddy???? Cool sleeves for the MAN.

  4. jules says:

    O MY!! Look at you two! WAHOO!

    It’s like that in the South, too — lots of parents not acknowleding Halloween. Humbug, I say.

    Thanks for sharing! LOOK AT THOSE ADORABLE KIDS!!

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