Merry "Cough" "Ah-choo" New Years

fever, spasm, cough
week in bed, holiday fun
germs-go away now
This has been the state of affairs at my house since last Saturday. I left school on Friday, thinking, “must be all the sugar that was lurking in the school”, eat light and retired to bed. Got up early on Saturday morning (5:30 AM) to finish the cards, and go out shopping EARLY before everyone else was out and about. Towards the end of shopping, I realized that my cough was more than allergies.
Came home took a nap and awoke with a fever. Left daughter and son-in-law to scramble for a last minute baby-sitter. Sunday on the couch all day. Monday, a doctor’s appointment only to confirm I had a viral infection (and 9 coming for Christmas Eve dinner , an 18 pound turkey in the oven).
mom’s kitchen stay out
clean-up following dinner?
you bet, thanks, let go
For the first time in many years, my china was washed not by me. I let go of the quality of wrapped presents and gave IOU’s for gifts, I had planned to make. And now, I think I may be on the mend of this stupid infection which just has to run its course.
I hope you all had a great holiday. Happy New Year!
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3 Responses to Merry "Cough" "Ah-choo" New Years

  1. AnnieElf says:

    omigoodness, what a crazy time you had Jone. Grrrrr. Hope there have been no relapses. Hugs, Annie

  2. Inland Empire Girl says:

    Wow! That was a lot to let go of. Take care… I got something like this at the end of last school year and it took me about three weeks to shake it. Happy New Year!

  3. Tammy says:

    BUMMER! You look great for being sick and “Letting it go” is very tough. Feel better and Happy New Year Jone.

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