One Deep Breath: Childhood Story

What a great prompt. I have thought about this all week. Would it be the trials and tribulations of learning to ride my bicycle, or learning to tie my shoes, or a family vacation. Last night, I spent time with my twenty-three month old granddaughter, We danced. The spark ignited.

tap shoe performance
sequins, top hat, county fair
tap, tap, tap applause

lessons continued
empty living room for practice
big dreams,big wishes

what? really? a shoe lost
no money to replace it
dance with grand child now

My parents waited a long time to furnish the living room. It was a place to practice. And when I lost my shoe, no extra money to correct the carelessness of a child.
Thank you Chris of Tears Shed on Paper for the prompt. For more, head to One Deep Breath.

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  1. Sandy Carlson says:

    Beautiful poem. Thanks for offering this to us this week. God bless.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

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