“Miscellaneous” is the prompt at Sunday Scribblings. I love the reason for the prompt “Because it is a delicious word with unlimited possibilities”. Many miscellaneous photos this week and I draw my inspiration to share them from Inland Empire Girl.

It has been bitter cold in Portland this week.

So cold that I wanted to capture this little hummingbird and warm him up for awhile on Thursday. He sat on this perch for a good ten minutes and allowed me to get close. I love watching them, “chipparosas”, my father would call them. So entertaining but this week, My heart went out to them.

Anna’s Hummingbird,
Dusk 2008

Anna’s Hummingbirds winter here in the Portland area. They are dependent on the feeders. I brought the feeders in each night this week in order that they would not freeze.

Bob’s Red Mill, Portland, OR 2008

I stopped in at Bob’s Red Mill store yesterday. They have a fabulous water wheel which the weather affected this week. Their vegetarian split soup warmed the soul yesterday.

Moon, Front yard, 2008

And the moon, the moon was incredible this week as I left to go to work. It took all I had not to dilly dally on my way to work. I have my camera with me most days and if the opportunity presents, I will shoot.

There are many wonderful interpretations of “miscellaneous” here.

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7 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. gautami tripathy says:

    Wonderful photos. I loved the hummingbird.

    Arty? Not me!!

  2. AnnieElf says:

    Hi Jone – what an outstanding hummingbird picture. And the ice on the water wheel. Awesome.

  3. Shari says:

    Despite the bitter cold, you found things to enjoy. It sounds like those things were even more special, because it was so cold. I guess that is how I feel about hot tea and “just out of the oven” homemade bread.

  4. tumblewords says:

    I’m in Idaho – didn’t realize the hummingbirds wintered over – I haven’t seen or heard a bird here for several weeks. Nice photos!!

  5. Beautiful Witch says:

    Lovely photographs, especially the moon. I swoon for the moon. 🙂 It is summer in the southern hemisphere at the moment so I am envious of the chill and cold as I swelter and sweat!

  6. Frances says:

    What wonderful photos!
    I discovered photography in my 40s and it changed my life.
    Have an incredible week.

  7. Inland Empire Girl says:

    I am glad I gave you some inspiration. I wish I would have gone out and taken some pictures of the moon. It was so cold I stayed inside. Now I see yours and regret it. Very nice post.

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