Valentine’s Day: My Heart Sings

I love Valentine’s Day. As a child whose birthday was so close to Valentine’s Day, my mother often made me a heart shaped cake. Then the giving and receiving of Valentines as school and the excitement leading up to it. That has not changed at school, students have been wild with excitement this week. A kindergartener told me “Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!”she was so filled with anticipation. Her classmates quickly corrected her.

So today here are two other reasons my heart sings:

It is my 16th wedding anniversary. You might have thought my anniversary was two days ago. I arrived home to a wonderful bouquet of roses. I was told that he was worried they would run out of them. I think maybe he caught the some of the kindergartener’s anticipation.

Today the CYBILS Awards were announced. These are the top books in children’s and young adult literature as determined by a dedicated community of kidlitosphere bloggers.
To find out who won in a variety of categories, visit here. I sat on the poetry committee for the second year. What fun books to read and them choose as the best in poetry. The finalists are all winners in my book. Here is the list of the finalists.

So capture that child like spirit and let your heart sing today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Inland Empire Girl says:

    As teachers how can we not like Valentine’s Day. Even my middle school students were struck by Cupid’s bow by doing kind things. Thanks for posting the list of finalists for the Cybils. What a great list of books. Sherman Alixie’s book has been very popular with my students. He is from the neighboring rez and has visited our school numerous times. I am reading it right now.

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