One Deep Breath: Ink

I looked at ODB this morning, shocked to find another weekly prompt generator is closing up, moving on. I haven’t been consistent in my postings and probably won’t until the end of March. All my concentration is on the national board writing for teaching. I must send everything off by March 31st.
Last week, the day after Valentine’s Day, my computer crashed. My husband and I had been talking about a laptop. Suddenly, we were forced into action. So today, I am typing on my new computer. It feels decadent. In the meantime, we had the computer looked at and it was a monitor issue (so now we will get a flat screen)and it will also return with 1 gig of memory(it had way less than that) this has I believe, 2 gigs.

The prompt was “ink”

keys click, thoughts race
printer spits another draft
out, revision

entry completed
more straw in the mind waits to
become golden words

For more, please visit here.

It has been so much fun to get the prompts from the One Deep Breath site. I so appreciate their dedication over the last year and a half. Their prompt in October 2006 inspired me to set up this blog. Thank you for that Jennifer and Susan, the women who created the blog.

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11 Responses to One Deep Breath: Ink

  1. AnnieElf says:

    Outstanding Jone the way you mix modern imagery with fairytales.

  2. Andrée says:

    Welcome, Jone! You are on the blogroll. The prompt will be posted at midnight tonite. I look forward to reading your poetry again!

  3. qualcosa di bello says:

    i’m with the others on the straw/gold concept…that is a terrific metaphor for writing

  4. Inland Empire Girl says:

    best of luck as you continue with your national boards… your energy and dedication is inspiring.

  5. UL says:

    perfect, very nice….thanks for sharing.

  6. paisley says:

    as we continue to spin straw into gold… this was lovely….

  7. Andrée says:

    When reading this, I felt that the writer was frustrated, perhaps tired. I like the connection to Rapunzel: very apt. But you have to understand, you who can write poetry are the envy of me because I only turn straw into frayed straw. Our submission can be found here. Thank you for visiting.

  8. Sandy Carlson says:

    The idea of straw in the mind is wonderful. Thanks for these!
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  9. tumblewords says:

    Great! Love the straw/gold, too. Hope there’ll be another haiku prompt site – I’ll watch for you there…

  10. lissa says:

    I can understand this. sometimes a first draft is not enough.I really like the first part.

  11. spacedlaw says:

    I love the second part and the straw becomng gold.

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