NaPoWriMo: Catching Up

I have been writing almost everyday but not posting each day. I am using the William Carlos Williams poem, “This is Just to Say” with my students to get them to write a poem of apology.

Here’s my take:

This is just to say
Forgive me for
Grabbing the last copy
Of the poetry book
Which you were
Longing to read
And saving for a
Warm spring day
The cover looked
I could not resist
I am sorry
I will return it.
I promise

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2 Responses to NaPoWriMo: Catching Up

  1. Elaine Magliaro says:


    This is certainly an appropriate apology poem for National Poetry Month! I like it.

  2. Inland Empire Girl says:

    This is such a great format to use with students. I think while we are “WASL”ing I will throw in some poetry lessons like this when their brains are mushy. Sometimes that is when the best writing comes out.

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