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Reflections of a Blogging Conference

Kidlit Blogging Conference, Chicago, IL More registrations in the mail, discovered upon returning home from my annual college women’s weekend in central Oregon! I have logged them in and have added names onto the list. It made me think back … Continue reading

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One Single Impression: Rest

Butterfly. Pine Marten Lodge butterfly at rest high altitude nectar huntbrief mountain visit For more restful haiku, visit OSI

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Chair Lifts

Chair Lifts What scares you in your life? Is it the dark? Roller coaster rides? Being alone? Spiders?I realized this summer that ski lifts are really not my cup of tea. I realized it when I politely turned down an … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: Solace

From the SS prompt: “In what do you find solace? What place is solace for you? Where do you go in yourself or outside of yourself when you need comfort or consolation? Why do you seek solace? What does it … Continue reading

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Wednesday Fun

Recycled Beach Glass Stone Rings with Decorative Additions Well, I spent most of the day creating. I have to locate more beach glass.

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Be Brave Project. Will You Join In?

I have been spending some early morning surfing the blogs I usually read. This is a return to a practice I have not done in a while. This morning I followed bread crumbs from the 7-Imp post to this blog, … Continue reading

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Kidlit Conference Jeopardy

The answer is:Sara Zarr, Story of a GirlKirby Larson, Hattie Big SkyAlma Alexander, Worldweavers seriesLaini Taylor, Faeries of Dreamdark: BlackbringerMatt Holm, BabymouseAnastasia Suen, Main Street School seriesAdrienne Furness, Helping Homeschoolers in the LibraryCarmen T. Bernier-Grand: Frida: Viva La Vida! Long … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Portland, Oregon

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Portland, Oregon 10. Voodoo Doughnuts where your can get married and eat your doughnut too. 9. We do not have sales tax. 8. Looking for leprechauns? They been seen at the “World’s Smallest Park”: Mill … Continue reading

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Summertime Living

I am around. I just have not been posting on my blogs much. I think it is fallout from participating in the national boards for teaching. Which, by the way, I now get to wait until around November to hear … Continue reading

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