Sunday Scribblings: Solace

From the SS prompt: “In what do you find solace? What place is solace for you? Where do you go in yourself or outside of yourself when you need comfort or consolation? Why do you seek solace? What does it mean for you?”

Solace comes from many places: from within, from being out in nature, and sometimes from dark, dark chocolate. I love to play with haiku and after many weeks of not writing, I found solace in writing to this week’s prompt.

hummingbird perches
feathers a glisten, he feeds
sweet solace nectar

moonlight tendrils reach,
caress two spooners entwined
solace a blanket

midnight walk on sand
universe glitter found, picked up
tossed into the sea
solace discovered
returns, spirit sleeps

Find some solace reading these.

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6 Responses to Sunday Scribblings: Solace

  1. Michelle says:

    My first time here… I think. I love your poetry… wonderful!

  2. Jennifer Hicks says:

    i agree, solace works it’s way from the inside out…great post!

  3. Tammie Lee says:

    lovely poem!
    I also found solace in reading this.

  4. danni says:

    such gentle imagery – soothing in and of itself!!!

  5. bellamocha says:

    Your haiku is wonderful…an inspiring and beautiful SS. Each word draws me in and speaks to me of solace. Thank you! I’ll be back to read here again.

    Mine is up at:

  6. GreenishLady says:

    Aaah. How beautiful. There is solace for me in reading these. Thank you

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