Tuesday Tidbits: I love Libraries

Hagerman Library, Idaho, Summer 2008

This little library was named “Library of the Year” in 2006. I just had to show you this sweet library where my friend lives.

I know. You might think, “well, I hope she likes libraries, she works in one!”. But I it is just that I have rediscovered my love of th public library during this last year.  I needed to listen to the Newbery Awards on the way to work.  I knew that my colleagues would soon tire of me asking to borrow their books on tape. So I turned to the public library.

What I love is getting on-line, choosing books and picking them up at the nearby library, Gladstone Public Library. (It is less than 2 miles from my house).  This experience has taken me back to my childhood.  That period of time before is was fashionable to purchase books from the local independent book sellers (did they exist?) or Barnes and Noble or Borders.

I went to the library a lot.  Put the colored dots on the peacock to show I had read a certain amount of books.  Got the certificate for summer reading.  Bugged my parents to drive me to the library and when I was old enough, rode my bike there.  I swear it is what made me choose to become a school library media specialist.

The borrowing of the books on tapes made me rethink my compulsion to run out and buy the latest and newest books available. So now I am borrowing books again.  It seems to line up better with my committment to be a bit more green, a bit less of a consumer, and to lighten the amount of stuff I collect.  And it use to be I could take my books back to Powell’s and get moneyfor them.  That’s is not so much the case anymore with Internet sales.

Do not get me wrong.  I still buy books.  It is just that I don’t need to drop a lot of money on books that I am not sure I will like.  I can borrow them.  Case in point:  I checked out a couple of Allende’s books as potentials for our book club.  I could not get into them so I am glad I didn’t but them.

There is a bond up for our local library.  I am hopeful it will pass, it would mean a new library.  If it does not pass, then some libraries will close.  I feel a need to work to get the bond to pass.

Do you go to the library?

Only 26 days until the Second Kidlit Blogging Conference. Wow!  Are you registered?  Do you have your room reservations?

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  2. Annie says:

    What a sweet library. Must be perfect for a small community. About the library bonds – I sure hope they pass. Years ago Stanislaus County successfully passed a sales tax increase so that the additional funds could be earmarked for libraries county wide. What a fantastic success. All libraries open. Seven days a week. Some evenings. All active and well used.

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