Sunday Scribblings: Coffee

This has been brewing since Friday.  I know Chatsworth, a stone’s throw from my child hood home. I know the Metrolink, travelled it on vacation from Burbank Airport to Simi Valley and back.  My brother and sister-in-law use the service many times in the course of a year.

My heart goes out to those families of victims from Friday’s crash.


Drinking a cuppa joe

The headlines read:

“total destruction

“worst accident in the history

of Metrolink”

bold Ethiopian Harrar with blueberry notes

cannot assuage fears:

could family, friends been

riding to a weekend, they would never see.

would someone let me know?

I search cyberspace

Praying not to see familiar names

A childhood memory away

A family member away

Drinking a cuppa joe


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7 Responses to Sunday Scribblings: Coffee

  1. Marcelle says:

    Ah, your poem was exactly how I felt … my friend Jeanette rides that train home from work in downtown LA and the only reason she was not on it that day – her boss made her work late. It seems like everyone I know knew someone … one of the recently graduated Valedictorians from my high school died, and my uncle’s ex-wifes brother was very seriously injured. Every time Sam meets me in Simi after work he takes that train … very very scary.

  2. macrush53 says:

    My brother and his family live in the area. They have used that transportation in the past. I grew up in there and know it. Hoping that no one I knew was involved. Have not heard anything so that is good news.

    Thank you to all who visited, it is difficult to be miles away and watch a tradegy like this unflold.

  3. Annie says:

    Dear Jone,

    Odd how I read this. First a scan. Then a blink. Then a leaning forward, nose almost touching monitor. Carefully each word was read again. With a jerk I sat back and asked myself – “Is this real? Is it possible? Might you have known someone, had some kin there?”

    If this was not real, it felt so real.


  4. susan says:

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  5. Tumblewords says:

    A lovely poem addressed to another horror. Nicely done!

  6. B. Roan says:

    A very thought provoking piece. Well written. BJ

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