Poetry Friday: October

I have to post Poetry Friday here this week.  The server for “Check It Out” is having major difficulty.

One of the coolest things about my job as a library media specialist is when a student hands me something they have written.  This week, Tabbatha, a fifth grader brought me her poetry (one piece is still at school).  Way cool.




On Halloween night the cool chilling air fills the

            Streets with joy.

Carrying big bags of candy as

The sky gets darker on Halloween night

Oh October

Beautiful orange and yellow leaves hanging on the

            Tree by each other

Each different than others

Running down the street trying to catch my sister

            On Halloween night.


–Tabbatha, 5th grade


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4 Responses to Poetry Friday: October

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Way to go, Tabbatha! Cool poem! I love acrostics when they SAY something!

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  3. TadMack says:

    I LOVE THAT. “Fills the streets with joy.” Oh, how I wish I could recapture that innocent happiness of “people are giving me candy!!” What a thing to look forward to every single year.

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