Poetry Notebooks, Talking Poetry, and Day Three Poem for Baby Girl


Three of current notebooks, the smallest, always in my purse.

The last three weeks have been so full of life events; from the Second Annual Blogging Conference to the birth of Amelie Elizabeth to the WA-OR School Library Conference,

The school library conference featured some amazing authors.  My job was to assist with authors as they autographed  books. (I was the post-it girl, “do you need a post-it to write your name on?”   Nina Laden, author of The Day I Followed the Dog, When Pigasso Met Mootisse, Romeow and Drooliet, and others, including a darling board book, Grow-Up (shhh, a Christmas present  for Amelie) was there bright and early Saturday morning. 

A design flaw of the conference was the timing and placement of autographing. Participants had to choose between going to a session or getting an autograph.  It gave me plenty of chat time with the authors.

Nina and I chatted about many things: gluten free food, how to do the autographing and books sales next time, and then poetry. She has a great acronym for poems (Preserving Only the Essential Moments).  This so tied in with the Naomi Shihab Nye’s poetry workshop the previous day.  The workshop in which she talked about carrying a small notebook for observations and thoughts.  The kind of notebook I carry with me.
Just that morning, following a drive through trip to Starbucks I wrote:

season’s first frost
fog swirls

barista asks,
“can I get you anything else?”
I want to say,
“how about a cup of
world peace?”

but will he understand?
it is for a new spirit
in the world

what will her world
be like
when she is
a grandma like me?

It is all about preserving those essential moments. I am left with wondering and trying to live a writer’s life.

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3 Responses to Poetry Notebooks, Talking Poetry, and Day Three Poem for Baby Girl

  1. You’re not *trying* to live a writer’s life – you are living one.

    Love the poem.


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  3. Annie says:

    How special this is Jone. Love those books, which I use regularly. I love the red/purple combination and the textures. Baby Girl will be a writer too if Grandma has anything to say about it. Will she be a reader? You bet!!

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