Sunday Silliness: Senoritis

I like fun challenges.  The most recent?  Display your senior year photo.  Thanks to Eisha and Jules at 7-Imp for talking about it and for the trip down memory lane.  I was very big into making my clothes, thus two of the pics feature dresses I made.  Recently I tried growing my hair to this length but you just cannot go back home.

Senior Class Photo, c.1970

Winter Formal Senior Year

Graduation Dress. Not a great pic but the dress is lace, lined in the body of the dress but had unlined sleeves.  My boyfriend’s mother was a little concerned at the plunging neckline at the time.  What would she say about the dresses today?

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2 Responses to Sunday Silliness: Senoritis

  1. Sara says:

    Jone! These are soooo cute. You are adorable, now and then.

  2. eisha says:

    Whoa, Jone, you’re a babe! I’d totally wear that lace dress NOW.

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