One Single Impression: Disguise- Halloween Edition

minnie mouse on knee
Halloween librarian
grandpa as grandpa

sweet devil angel
is there such a thing, protects
little sister mouse

pink burrito smiles
grandma smiles back, treat not trick
her first Halloween

impish butterfly
hams for camera although
she often says no

One Single Impression’s prompt is “Disguise”  What better way to share how we did Halloween this year.  Last year, it was an impromptu altogether experience.  This year low key and separate trick-or-treat events.  So grandma and grandpa made the rounds sans disguise (I look like a tired librarian).  For more disguises, visit One Single Impression.

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11 Responses to One Single Impression: Disguise- Halloween Edition

  1. Sandy says:

    So sweet! You can’t disguise their loveliness, though.

  2. SandyCarlson says:

    These tender poems are a wonderfully loving tribute to your grandkids!

  3. Tumblewords says:

    Delightful images – it looks like a wonderful Halloween!

  4. ..please repeat all the cmnts above..a huge thanks for sharing the happiness..

  5. Raven says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww…… what a wonderful collection of poems and photos. Undisguised love.

  6. sue says:

    thanks for sharing the innocence of childhood.

  7. Loved the images, but like Deborah, loved the pink burrito best! ummmmmmmmmm!

  8. Warm and funny photos, poems – love “smiling pink burrito”!

  9. Barb's Haiku says:

    How adorable! That little pink burrito is a scene stealer!

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