Thursday Thoughts

Do you have those times when poetry and writing thoughts are swirling around in your head but the cannot find their way out onto the page? That is what is happening to me right now.  The prompts from Sunday Scribblings and One Single Impression are inspiring but I cannot get anything down on paper. 

Meanwhile, I am having fun with Facebook.  What I love about Facebook is that you can see the happenings of your friends in one spot.  Yesterday I read that my niece is sponsoring a “Virtual Food Drive” to help the L.A. Food bank.  I have have helped my local area food bank and will also donate to hers.  If you would like to help her team, Team Apophenia, please visit here. Her goal is to raise $500. Will you help her out?

Last night, I went to the Scholastic Book Warehouse sale and picked up the remaining three books to complete the “Twilight” set for a teenage girl.  She had is on her Christmas wish list for our giving tree at school.  This year we are helping 15 families.  Silly me, I had no idea that only two of the series were in paperback…but I have the set and at a reasonable cost.

What ar you doing to spread holiday cheer?

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2 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Annie says:

    p.s. by the way, did you notice how the word Volturi looks like the word vulture?

  2. Annie says:

    The Twilight series is very enjoyable. I picked up #1 a few weeks ago and the young women in the music department discovered I was reading it. Next thing I know, I am being loaned 2, 3, and 4 (see my Twilight post) and they are all atwitter because of the secret they are keeping from me about the ending. I’m almost there now. I’m reading #4 and the Volturi are almost there for the final confrontation.

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