Sunday Scribblings: Traditions, Old and New

Santa’s Tree c.1957

go to bed, children

santa needs time to arrive

tree, presents in hand

Christmas Morning c. 1957

unwrap fun, presents

brother, sister simple joys

fifty years captured




new tradition

tree hunt, grandchildren in tow

adventure each year


Santa brought our tree each Christmas’ Eve until I was in sixth grade.  That was the year that staggering tree prices and scrawny trees made my parents re-think the whole real Christmas tree experience.  Out went all the antique ornaments as well.  In came the artificial tree with all new shiny ornaments. My parents gave up the “Santa bringing the tree” tradition they had grown-up with as well that year.


I love having a tree up for all of December.  Since the arrival of our youngest daughter and sin-in-law it has been our tradition to have breakfast and then go to a tree farm to look for trees.  My husband and I settle on the five dollar trees, those table toppers that are for small spaces.  The fun is in watching my daughter’s family figure out their tree. My daughter is very choosy about her tree farms and we have yet to find “the one”.  This year we discovered that the place did not serve hot chocolate after we told our three year old she would get hot cocoa.  Oops.


Always an adventure and a tradition I look forward to each year.  Sunday Scribblings features other posts on the topic of “tradition”.  What is your tradition?

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2 Responses to Sunday Scribblings: Traditions, Old and New

  1. B. Roan says:

    I love the idea of Santa bringing the tree, but I enjoy having the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I like your new tradition. Gorgeous pictures, cute kids!

  2. Kim Kasch says:

    Oh I love these photos. Thanks for sharing the spirit of the season.

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