My Christmas Letter

To those of you in blogland!! This is what I sent out.

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!
  This year has been a fantastic year for the Caputo-MacCulloch household. 79287
It began late in 2007 when our daughter, Audrey married Wes on December 20. 

In early 2008, Charlotte and Michael announced that their family would be growing.  Amelie Elizabeth arrived on October 8, 2008 at 8:01 AM.  I was privileged to be in the birthing room to witness the arrival. (This also made me realize why I had taken the teaching path of my father rather than the nursing path of my mother.)39937

I finished my portfolios in March for national teaching certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, took the exam in June and this November was informed that I achieved certification, I am among the 9600 people throughout the United States who accomplished this rigorous certification this year.  Need I say how happy I am?  (Perhaps you noticed that the cards last year were barely signed due to the NBPTS process.)

Chuck and I went on a grand adventure this summer by driving first to Arizona to see family friends, then onto California.  Our two pooches Rusty and Sophie came with us in their “first, big car adventure”.   We discovered how much fun it was to have them with us.  So in August we drove with them over to Idaho to see more family friends.

Our summer also saw the annual trip to the coast with both of our daughters’ families.  The granddaughters, Estelle (almost 4) and Cecelia (4) are too much fun. We baked together, went on the bumper cars (my driving stinks) and just had a blast. 91207

Aunt Betty visited for a weekend in November. We had a spectacular day at the coast and she came to my school for a half day. She still travels a blessing back and forth across the country. How great is that?


I am in my thirty-fifth year of teaching, thirty years in the same district.  It still feels new to me after all these years.  I had a practicum student this fall and will have another in the winter.  Besides teaching, I am focusing on beading, photography and writing (I keep two blogs: and .

another year flies
let joy, hope, love surround you|
may our paths cross soon

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