Christmas Eve Adventure

We had been snowed in since Sunday. Over 15+ inches dropped on our little part of the world since Saturday.  It was followed by ten hours without power (hardly anything compare to a friend of mine at 66 hours). So all snug in the house with plenty to eat, plenty to read, and a fire and yet cabin fever happens.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, a break in the weather, napping all done, my husband I decided to don our hiking boots, bundle up, and head to Starbucks, 1.5 miles from our house. Someone forgot to tell us about what it was like to walk in slushy, soft snow. If you have ever walked on the beach, the soft sand, that compares except colder! And then the joy of having cars pass you with chains on and slushy dirty snow flying like batter from the blades of a mixer going out of control.resizebridge






But we made it to Starbucks in about thirty-five  minutes. Not bad considering I stopped a bit to take photos.  resizeriver

Mmmm, coffee and peppermint mocha and then the rain began.  I was thinking it and so glad to hear my husband say, “Let’s take the bus home.” So heading toward the bus stop, we trudged through the dirty gray muck and wait.


Two wonderful things happened as we climbed aboard the bus (after waiting for about fifteen minutes). First, the driver did not charge us fare for our short trek and second, the interim pastor for my church was aboard. She was on her way to the Christmas Eve service that I would not be attending (car still snowed in).  So I wondered during my conversation with her if it would count at dispensation; to see her on the way to church.

Our stop arrived, we hopped off, dodging the monster snow puddles as we crossed the main thoroughfare to our street.  The street had deteriorated in the brief time of our adventure.  Between the rain, slushy snow, and falling temperatures, we watched a car give up on trying to get up the hill.

Once inside, we traded our wet garments for our comfy clothes, and snuggled in for the evening.

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2 Responses to Christmas Eve Adventure

  1. floreta says:

    do you live in the west coast?

  2. Annie says:

    What a great story and Starbucks at the center of it all. How nice that the bus driver was so filled with Christmas cheer. Good for him. I’m sending this link to Erin and Q. They will empathized. Hugs, Annie

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