A New Year, A New Endeavor

I get emails from a variety of place in the Portland area.  One came from Sandy 23 Gallery .  There was a notice reagarding an upcoming juried art show”  “Photo + Book: A Juried Exhibition of Self-Published, On-Demand Photo Books”.  Well, inspiration struck (my word for 2009) and I began to research companies that self publish and print on demand.  I found Blurb.

Then the fun began.  Going through the photos and the haiku, many which I have posted on this blog or at  Check It Out.  How does one select the photos and then the haiku?  And with just sixteen poems, word choice becomes critical.  How many times can a word be used throughout the book?  And does it matter how the photos and poems are arranged? Isent it off to Blurb, which is a great little company.  and since I have tweaked the book (and consequently bought more copies) but I think it is now ready to submit to Sandy 23 Gallery for consideration.

By Jone Rush MacCulloch

These poems and photos represent my work over the last two years.  In a sense this is a “be brave” moment.

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  1. Jules says:

    YOU GO! That is a *huge* be-brave moment. Congrats, and continued good luck…

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