Poetry Friday: Sijo

This weeks Poetry Stretch is the sijo form from Korea.

Tricia explains:

“Older than haiku with a twist or joke at the end.  Either three lines with fourteen to sixteen syllables in each or six line with seven to eight syllables.

First line should contain a single image or idea. Second line develops its and the last line contains the twist.”

A perfect way for me to capture an experience while in Denver last week:

snowflakes dance above the city obscuring skyscraper’s lights
steam rises like fog from hotel’s  secret tropical gem- rooftop pool
woman dives in remembering Costa Rica, snowflakes dance

It is a form that is more challenging than it looks. 

Poetry Friday can be found at The Holly and the Ivy.

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One Response to Poetry Friday: Sijo

  1. Tanita says:

    Ahh, Costa Rica. I want to GO now.

    And yes, this IS a hard form, which is why I’m admiring YOUR poem and not writing my own!! Well done.

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