NaPoWriMo:Almost the End of National Poetry Month

This month has galloped away from me.  Vacation, a fundraiser for a friend.  Amazing that it is know April 28.  I hope I can make my goal.  I will be dissappointed if I do not.  This is a list poem modeled for my students.

Library Books

Whisper to students
“pick me, pick me”
Light up with anticipation
To be the selected one
The one checked out
Library books
Shake the dust off
Each night
Limber spines bend
as they play limbo,
Dance the title tango, or
Trick the
Librarian by
Switching places with
Notable nonfiction
Library books
Recite favorite passages
Written by
favorite author, the
One who brought
then to life first
Library books
Standing still
In the quiet

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