Bridget Zinn Auction: Look Who’s Buzzing!

I don’t know how to run a blog tour.  I am not even sure how to put on an auction.  But when Bridget became ill, I realized that somehow a fundraiser was needed.  In the last 72 hours the outpouring of donors and bidders has been incredible!

The blog world and twitter world are abuzz with information about the auction.  Look who’s buzzing!

Jackie, who attended the blog conference last fall did a post today.

Greg at Gottabook.

Corey at Thing One and Thing Two is selling his book, Hop! Plop!,  for $15.00/each and giving ALL profits to Bridget.
Hop! Plop! was selected by the Eric Carle Museum as a “Picture Book of Distinction in 2006.”

Shelli is donating $.25 for each comment she receives at her blog, Market My Words, during the month of May.

Terry at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub promoted the auction last week.

Adrienne is not only bidding and bidding often but has mentioned the auction here.

Andi of  a wrung sponge  has a post featuring  photos of her fabulous baby quilt that she donated for the auction. Andi has also created a Bridget Zinn Auction group on Facebook.

Jon of Children’s Book Insider has donated a lifetime subscription and tweeted about the auction today.

You can read about Mark Blevis’ donation at JOMB. And Mark has another website, did you know that?  At Mark is one more buzz piece about the auction.

Buzz about Bridget’s auction can be found here  as well as A Chair, A fireplace, and A Tea Cozy.

I will continue to update the donations for the auctions everyday.  Check back often and bid often! 

Mark you calendars for May 29 to attend the silent auction at the Lucky Lab in Portland, OR. 

Finally, a disclaimer, please be patient if I do not get your post listed or  donation listed immediately.  I am teaching most days with school play rehearsals twice a week.  I am trying to keep up.

Thank you for your amazing generosity!! You rock!

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