Interview with Kurtis Scaletta

It’s baseball season and what better donation than a signed copy of Mudville by Kurtis Scaletta.  Kurtis currently resides in Minnesota, loves baseball and considers himself a cat guy.  In fact, at his website you will discover he and his wife have five cats! 

Kurtis kindly answered my interview questions recently.

What have you recently published and what are you currently working on?

• My first novel for young readers, Mudville, was released in February. I’m currently finishing up Mamba Point, which is about a kid who draws snakes. I mean that he sketches them, and also that he seems to attract them….

What books are on your nightstand?

• I don’t read in bed, but some of the books on my to-read shelf are The Graveyard Book and Heroes of the Valley.

Where do you find inspiration?

• Everywhere. People all tell stories, even if they’re just waiting for a bus or something.

What advice to do you have for would be writers/illustrators?

• I’d tell them there’s no hurry. Just work on honing your craft, read a lot, talk to other writers, and figure out who you are. Put a little bit into it every day, and you’ll get better. Also, learn how to write a really good third or fourth draft before you approach editors or agents.

What was your favorite book as a child? As a teen? As an adult? Any particular genre stand out?

• I have lots of favorites. One childhood favorite is Alan Mendelsohn, The Boy from Mars. Another is Charlotte’s Web. As a teenager I loved John Steinbeck, and could pick almost any of his titles as a favorite, but will go with East of Eden. As an adult I like Kafka, Nabokov, Orwell, and dozens of other writers, and still appreciate all the stuff I enjoyed growing up. One of my favorite books is Pale Fire by Nabokov.

Writing the first draft or revising? Which is your favorite?

• Writing the first draft is more fun. Revising is drudgery, but it’s what separates the writers from the published author.

Favorite time of the day to work?

• Evening, mostly because I have a day job. ( Kurtis works at the University of Minnesota)

Chocolate: white, dark, or milk?

• All three, but I especially like white chocolate.

Coffee or tea or —?

• Both or either. Coffee today!

Dance Funky chicken or the tango?

• The way I dance, it doesn’t matter what the dance is supposed to be.

A signed copy ofMudville  can be yours.  You can bid on it here.

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