More Buzz About Bridget

I hate lists. That’s what I tell my staff when the bring book-lists to the library.  The lists are usually great  BUT  the books-that-have-gone-out-of -print!

So yesterday when I created the round up of who’s buzzing about Bridget, I knew I was entering territory I would regret. Lists that would out date faster than the milk in the frig!

Here is the latest posts:

Nancy at BeesKnees Books.

Portland artist and illustrator, Carolyn Conahan

Sarah Stevenson who has a gorgeous book donated to the auction wrote about it here.

Matthew Holm, Babymouse creator, made me laugh while reading with his post about the auction.

Farida talked about it here!

And April’s post really helped to bring in some great auction items.

So I took another giant leap, did something I swore I would not do and joined Twitter so that I can tweet. What is this world coming to, really?

Be sure to hop over to Bridget’s Auction Blog. Lots of great items.

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  1. I’d like to donate something or help in some way. Let me know what you need.

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