Meet Lisa Moser

One of the best things about orgaznizing Bridget’s auction is meeting through email  different authors and illustrators.  Lisa Moser donated three books for the auction: Watermelon Wishes, Monster in the  Backpack, and Squirrel’s World.  She also took the time to answer these interview questions:

How long have you been writing/ illustrating?

I’ve been writing for about 14 years, but it took 7 years to get published. A long learning curve 😉

When you aren’t illustrating/writing, what might we find you doing?

I love to read, and I must walk our dog, Coach, or things get pretty wild around here. I love to play sports like golf and softball, but most of the time I’m watching my daughter play them, now. And I’m very involved in our church, Trinity Lutheran.

Who influenced you as a writer/illustrator?

My Grandma Crockett was the inspiration to my writing. She would write stories, draw the pictures, bind them up with bright red yarn, and then send them to my sister, Sindy, and me. Finding those stories in the mailbox was like finding a chest of gold, in my opinion. So, I started dreaming about becoming a children’s book author when I was five years old.

What is your current project?

I just finished a cowboy story, and now I’m thinking about bugs!

What books are on your nightstand?

Oh, I have to have a stack of books on my nightstand, and a back-up stack of books in my basket. The thought of running out of books to read makes me rather nervous, so I always have a plentiful supply. And it’s quite an eclectic collection, too.

Basically, I’m an old-fashioned girl. I love to go to the library and find those gems that people have forgotten. So, I have BETSY AND THE GREAT WORLD by Maud Hart Lovelace, EMILY OF NEW MOON by Lucy Maud Montgomery, THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW by C.S. Lewis, TREASURY OF BEST-LOVED CHILDREN’S POEMS collected by Patricia S. Klein, and AT HOME WITH BEATRIX POTTER by Susan Denyer. (and those are just a few of the ones on my nightstand)

Where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration during my morning devotional and Bible study. I’m blessed to be in wonderful writing groups, filled with talented and caring children’s book authors, and they always inspire me. And the very best afternoon is getting a cup of coffee and going to the local book store to read a stack of new picture books.

What was your favorite book as a child? As a teen? As an adult? Any particular genre stand out?

The picture book I remember loving the most was THE SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats. I grew up in a small town in rural Iowa, so the thought of apartment buildings was fascinating. I wanted desperately to live in one and have a friend just across the hall.

My all-time favorite book was LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott. I read it 5 times in fifth grade. In fact, just last summer, I read it outloud to my daughter, Lydia, who was going into fifth grade. It was a wonderful experience to share.

I also loved Lucy Maud Montgomery’s ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and all of the books in the series.

As for adult books. . . I just don’t read them. Too often, they depress me. Children have the best literature in the world, in my opinion. I read children’s novels and picture books voraciously. I almost never watch t.v. The very best part of my day is cuddling up with a book to read.

Favorite time of the day to work?

I try to write creatively every day from 9:00-12:00. By then, the dog is terribly restless and must be walked, and then real life descends and I have to grocery shop, clean, cook, run errands, etc.

Chocolate: white, dark, or milk?

Milk chocolate if you have it, but any kind of chocolate will do. I love chocolate and have to have it every single day- preferably in the form of ice cream or cake.

Coffee or tea or —?

Coffee, coffee, coffee! To be specific- tall, ½ caffeinated, ½ de-caf, black.

Dance: Funky chicken or the tango?

Funky chicken. Even when I’m dancing normally, people probably think I’m dancing the funky chicken.

Thank you, Lisa.  Today I am challenging readers to find an auction item that has gotten less than three bids and bid on it.  Bid at Bridget Zinn’s auction.

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