Gratitude and Mark Your Calendars: May 29

Created by Johanna Wright

Johanna Wright, Bridget’s friend and member of the Portland Kidlit community, created this flier to get the word out about May 29 at the Lucky Lab Pub.  We are having our Portland Kidlit Drinks Night to Support Bridget.  There will be a silent auction.  The items are amazing and the list keeps growing.  I hope we have a lot of people attending. (There is the BEA in NYC that weekend and book tours so some will not be able to be there).

I am receiving emails thanking me for organizing this.  So many kind words but there is a committee  working behind the scenes such as Johanna.  Also behind the scenes is Lisa Nowak (who, btw, is donating 5 hours of landscape service to the Lucky Lab auction). Lisa has been helping immensely with the blog site, creating links, fixing links and forwarding comments that I may have missed.

Then there’s the “go to” people. The people I email the “what do you think about this or that”.  Some of these people sat at the kitchen table in April to plan.  Thanks to April, Matt, Kim, Laini, Lisa, Johanna, and Rosanne. (and hopefully I have not missed anyone)

Finally, there are people in the blogosphere that are blogging and twittering about the auction. The response has been overwhelming.  I am so grateful for it all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please  bid at the Bridget Zinn Auction. Watch the items for Lucky Lab grow here.


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