Fields of Joy

Fields of Joy

This lovely painting is donated by Eve Porinchak for the Bridget Zinn Auction.  You may know Eve, she was a member of the Disco Mermaids blog team that also included Robin Mellom and Jay Asher.  The Disco Mermaids have gone off on their own adventures. 

Today, Eve stops by to tell me more about what she’s up to.

How long have you been writing/ illustrating?

 Seven years full time. But like everybody else in this business, I’ve written stories since I could hold a crayon.

 When you aren’t illustrating/writing, what might we find you doing?

 Running, playing tennis, golf, softball, traveling, hanging with friends, painting and going to movies. Or sleeping. Good sleep is the cure-all for anything in life that ails you. (Or maybe I’m just lazy.)

 Who influenced you as a writer/illustrator?

 My first loves were Dr. Seuss and S.E. Hinton. Now I’m obsessed with anything Dave Eggers and John Krakauer. And Brad Herzog writes fantastic and hilarious, very Generation-X-ish travel memoirs. His books greatly influence my style now. His new book, Greek To Me…brilliant! Go read it. I insist!

 What is your current project?

 An intense Young Adult love story, called Fall, about a beautiful, successful 18-year-old girl with a perfectly planned out future ahead of her, who discovers she’s inherited a lethal gene for a rare (but real life) disease that will cause her body and mind to age very rapidly. Naturally, just as symptoms set in, she meets the love of her life. Sounds uplifting, doesn’t it? Actually, somehow, it is.

 What books are on your nightstand?

 The Life of Pi, The Art of Happiness (Dalai Lama), and to balance out the positive zen-ness, there’s Alice Sebold’s Lovely Bones, Dave Eggers’ What is the What, and Mark Salzman’s True Notebooks.

 What advice to do you have for would be writers/illustrators?

 Force yourself to be part of the writing community. Writing classes and critique groups are invaluable, and book-people are the greatest, funniest, and most generous people on the planet! And eat lots of chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate, learn to. It’s the best brain food. That’s a scientific fact.

 Favorite time of the day to work?

Late night, post-good TV, when my neighbors and dogs are asleep, I’m not hungry and there’s no chance of the phone ringing.

 Chocolate: white, dark, or milk?

 Whatever’s the fattest. The more fat, the better. Fat is good. Mmm…fat.

 Coffee or tea or —?

 COFFEE. Strong and chocolatey and milky and sugary and whipped creamy.

 Dance: Funky chicken or the tango?

 Both. At the same time. It’s an unexpectedly beautiful combo.

I am in total agreement with Eve about joining the writing community.  It is indeed a very generous one.  If you would like to bid on “Fields of Joy”, visit here.

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  1. annie says:

    If I haven’t said so before, I need to – I’ve been enjoying your interviews. It’s good reading to see how others write and create and keep it all going.

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