Summer Revision Smackdown

I committed myself to the “Summer Revision Smackdown Challenge”  two weeks ago.  The first week, well, I didn’t state my goals and the only revising I did was in my head. 

This week’s  goals:

1. To make the changes based on our May writer’s critique group meeting.

2. To revise at least two haiku to submit for publication.

I could tell you how I sat down and spent hours on Goal One. But that would be fibbing. I am not good at fibbing.  In reality, I moved suggested revisions from one pile to another with designated day to work as tomorrow. Tomorrow (or probably today starts week three of “SRS”).

As far as Goal Two, well, I carried them to a poetry reading on Wednesday. (thinking revision would happen through osmosis?) Sage Cohen, author of Writing the Life Poetic, lead the discussion.  Her book is an inspiration, chalk  full of tips, quotes, and essays.   Purchased  her book and have had my nose in it since (will be a Poetry Friday blog post next Friday).

Sage calls the revision process “Act II” in the poetry drama.  She also says it is a “process by which you become better acquainted with the poem and push it farther toward its own potential”.  That is what I am doing with these  two poems that I plan to submit to an on-line publication. 

I want to push myself to submit poetry here and there.  In the process, I’ve discovered that what I put on my blog is often considered “published”.   Some places only want “unpublished work”. Which is fine as I can always revise.  I see much of what I post as little seedlings. Not final drafts.

The two pieces I am revising  for submission to the on-line ‘zine called Four and Twenty: A Short Form Poetry Journal.  I think I will take these to writer’s group this week instead of the longer MG story I am working on. 

My big score and find in the blog world this week is thanks to Lee Wind who introduced me to Revision Notes.  Love it!

Week  Three, here I come:

1. Changes on MG writing from May’s discussion.

2.  Revisions to the two poems for submission.  Send to writing group in prep of Wed. meeting.

3. Attend Wed. writing group mtg.

4. Finish school with students.

If anything, participating in the Summer Revision Smackdown, has me thinking about revision more. Want to find out about other revisionistas?  Visit Cuppa Jolie.

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  1. Sage Cohen says:

    I’m so thrilled to hear that Writing the Life Poetic is resonating with you! Thanks for spreading the word!! Wishing you great fun in Act II!

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