Garden Adventure

Last year the garden went fallow.  Too tired from grueling pursuit of national board certification and taking off  on a road trip as soon as school finished.

But this year, I started seeds the beginning of May (wished I had done them earlier).  Today I planted 20 tomatoes. Four varieties: Moreton New Jersey,Ramapo (New Jersey), Cherry, and Roma.  The NJ tomatoes were from Rutgers University.


In between the rows I laid down newspaper, the leaves from last fall, and purchased compost.  Toward the rear of the garden, there are squash and cucumbers.  Later this summer, I plan to plant kale.


Now it may look like I planted a crop of plastic bottles but they are actually acting as min-hot houses until the tomatoes get established. Later this week, I will take them off and re-use them to cover the peppers I am planting.  The big green thing in the lower right front is a random dahlia that is growing.

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