Summer Revision Smackdown Week Three

Hey! I actually did 75% of my goals this week.  Hooray for me.

This Past week’s  goals:

1. Changes on MG writing from May’s discussion.

2.  Revisions to the two poems for submission.  Send to writing group in prep of Wed. meeting.  YEP!

3. Attend Wed. writing group mtg. YEP!

4. Finish school with students. YEP! (Realize this is not really a revision goal.)

I actually had four poems that I revised for my writing critique group on Wednesday.  It was so helpful to have others listen to different versions of each poem as I read aloud.   My plan is to submit them to the 4 and 20 poetry ‘zine.  (Which I am learning that I have to figure out their audience).

It was decided that we just need to “fling the words and see where they stick.”

 My writing critique group is a highlight of each month.  Its our first anniversary next month.  There are five of us currently and we have finally settled into a groove.  Each member brings to the group a different perspective that I so appreciate.

I really revised five poems this week because I revised a poem that I had brought to share about that decision pet owners soemtimes have to make: to euthanize your pet. (One memeber had to do just that this week).

The first goal ( make changes to MG  story) will move to this week’s goals.  I really want to get those changes in before I go any further in the story.  I just returned from a morning event with the local SCBWI.  Linda Zuckerman was the guest speaker and I was SO happy that I went.    Her talk was on characters of your story.

As I listened to her, I thought of some questions about my own charaters in the MG story.  Are they compassionate enough? Do they change enough throughout the story? Are they spunky enough?  And then a really big question surfaced about the beginning of the story (and at this point not for the public to know). It was encouraging to hear her state that we have to rewrite and rewrite because that’s a lot of what I have been doing.

It was the best week of the three so far regarding SRS.

So my one goal for this final SRS Week is to finish: 

Changes on MG writing from May’s discussion.

I am leaving for vacation at the end of the week so I really would like to get that accomplished.

Thanks to Holly and Jolie for the challenge.

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  1. Good for you Jone! It’s wonderful to have that sense of accomplishment 🙂


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