Summer Revision Smackdown Summary


I Cracked the Whip

June 2009 is past. I was on the road when it left us. My last week of the Summer Revision Smackdown was without meeting goals.  A lot of time spent getting ready for the Disneyland trip and some play.

I did spend time in my head thinking about revision. And I plan to set goals for this month in the area of revision. I revised five poems and sumitted four to a local ezine for poetry. 

My biggest July goal is to get a project ready to send outside my writing group.  I have had an offer from someone to read it and give feedback. This terrifies me a bit.  I am working on the second have of the project which is intense.

Holly and Jolie are doing an awesome job of getting everyone pumped up about revising.

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  1. annie says:

    You’ve been six days on the road now and I’m betting Disneyland is/was a blast. Any chance of heading home through the valley this time?

  2. I’m going to do my first submissions – thanks for the inspiration!


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