The Recipe Poem: Tribute to Mocha

How to Say Good-bye

Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect provides a poetry challenge each Monday. This week it’s to create a recipe poem.

Mocha before her nose became cancerous.
 Mocha, aka Mocha Latte, and Mochabeans, (15) has cancer of the nose. Six weeks ago, we drove her to the vet thinking it was time. Jumping out of the vet’s arms, we chose to board her as we left for the weekend. We knew this day would eventually arrive. I will spare you the details of her nose but last night her eye started tearing as well. Weight loss as well, even though she eats like a pig.


I found her at a latte stand, 1994. A beautiful diluted calico, probably born feral. She was the most independent of the three cats. Three years ago, when she became the only cat, she finally decided to trust us enough to venture onto our bed and be part of the family along the two doxies. Last night she slept there all night, unusual and even stuck around this morning as I wrote.

So my recipe is how to say good-bye:

fold her into your lap
sprinkle love words
knead fur, take note
of her frailty
mix in memories
mousing skills, shyness, love of the garden,
and faithfulness
sift in trust and compassion
melt love into her fur
hold on- let go
once more
fold her into your lap 
shed tears

Sweet, sweet, cat I do not want to say good-bye.

 Postscript: 1:30 PM: Just returned from the vet.  Mochabeans got a reprieve.  The vet said based on the fact that she is eating, drinking water, active, we could choose to wait so we did.  When asked if it were his cat what would he do, he said he would wait.  She has lost more weight so it is a matter of time but not today.  As I write, she went outside to lounge.

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5 Responses to The Recipe Poem: Tribute to Mocha

  1. a beautiful recipe of grief and gratitude … peace, love and blessings … jp/deb

  2. SusaBoa says:

    Ah Jone,
    Such a sweet picture with sunflower as hat. These beings who share our lives are such a quiet force. I finished reading THE UNDERNEATH at midnight last night and wept for all the sweetness and pain our world offers and takes away.

  3. Marilyn says:

    I know when the time comes it will be difficult and there will be tears. You can’t help but love those little guys or girls. We went through the same thing in January.

  4. macrush53 says:

    Annie, she got a reprieve. An antibiotic injection and the vet said he would do the same, wait. This is based on her activity. But the day will come. I probably should have waited to post this.

  5. annie says:

    I am so with you on this Jone. Our Paw Kitty was put to sleep after her cancer on her little ear tips eventually spread to her nose (and no doubt other places as well). Her frailty and labored breathing was our breaking point. It’s so hard to let go of our dear animal friends. Your pictures here and the poem are a sweet remembrance and memorial.

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