Summer Revision Smackdown

I Cracked the Whip

I wish I could say that I really did but…distractions! First the book club women and I visited a bead store in Seaside, Oregon.  Huge distraction,  reminded me of the beading I have waiting for me. 

The biggest distraction last week was my ailing cat.   I found myself yesterday, hanging with her instead of  revising (which I had set the day aside to do).  Maybe it was the gloominess of the day. Yesterday was a fall day, cloudy, cool, with impending rain which arrived in the early evening.  I found myself napping and Mocha along with the pooches were at my side.

She’s a fighter that cat.  Probably from her scrappy, feral beginnings.  Still chowing down food. 

So today and tomorrow are my days to revise and send to the group. We meet next week.  This month marks one year since our critique group formed.

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