Summer Smackdown Check-in

I missed last week.  Was at the coast with family for more vacation.  But I did get my revision completed before I left and sent out to my writing group. Hooray for that!

So this week, writing group (AKA Southeast Stories) met for an extended time and lunch.  It was a special celebration as it marked a year since we first met and formed our group.  Currently there are five of us who meet monthly, all working on a variety of genres.  I love that we have found a lot of common ground to laugh, talk, and share our writing life with each other.

I love the input from these women.  Watching this story evolve is an amazing experience.  I have listened to authors  shared about their writing process, about how the characters take one these lives of their own.  I could not imagine it until now.  It is happening to me.

What else is happening is that I am having difficult concentrating on any other writing other than this project.  I keep looking at the weekly writing prompt for poetry and come up empty minded. 

But, I am scribbling thoughts on post-its about the current project and the inside head conversations are non stop about the project. Thinking about where to revise and leave some of the story behind. 

Funny, on Monday, when the group met, I came to a point where I realized that perhaps, just perhaps, there was a different ending point.

I am doing a personal book study about writing haiku. It is the focus of my Poetry Friday posts at Check It Out.  I decided it was a great way to up my game in that area.  I have had the book on the shelves for a couple of years and have perused but never actually read cover-to-cover.

I plan to work on the project this weekend while avoiding the heat. My goal is get it sent to someone outside the group by the end of August. Others are checking in about their revision at Brimstone Soup.

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