Surprise Package and Three Generation Photo Show

“The Surprise Package, Marcelle, Aunt Betty, and Moi”

Time flies.  Cannot believe that it has been two weeks since I left for New Jersey.  I arrived in record time and waited for the surprise package (AKA my niece, Marcelle) from Los Angeles.  Her flight was early as well. 

Well, our aunt was shocked at the package and laughed hilariously when I announced that in the luggage was an air mattress for me to sleep on. (She has accommodations for a visitor  but not much more than that. 

Our time together included a trip to see the Cezanne and artists inspired by his work (which makes me wonder why artist are allowed to be inspired without it being a case of plagiarism), a trip to the old cemetary behind the First Reformed Church( another post soon), and lots of laughter.  We also visited  Ringwood State Park and see more trees in full autumn color. Missed the peak season by a week.

Sunday, we rose early.  This is not an easy feat for my aunt. She likes to sleep in.  But we needed to be at the church gallery to meet and greet the parishioners.  The gallery had thirty photos displayed.  It was really wonderful to hear that people like our photos.

DSC_0056Church House Art Gallery


DSC_0059My niece’s photos

Some of my aunt’s photos

DSC_0067Some of my photos.


Historic Pompton Plains First Reformed Church. Build before the Revolutionary War.

three generations
three geographies: shore, coast, beach
graced with love

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  1. Marilyn says:

    What a lovely trip and photography show. How honored each of you three ladies must feel.

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