One Single Impression: Departed

Loch Rob provided the prompt and the inspiration.  I have three chair photos begging for a poem or two.

chair 2

Backstage Chair in Ringwood, NJ

lost lines engraved on the wall
final curtain drops

chair 4
Back Stage Chair II, Ringwood, NJ

departed, left behind
spiders live in hidden coils
as the seasons change

And finally in memory of George, like an uncle to me:

resized chair1Story Teller’s Chair, Hagerman, ID

storyteller told
tales between tomato rows
now departed
memories shout out
who is listening?

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5 Responses to One Single Impression: Departed

  1. CJ (Windes) Fattig says:

    I am listening
    memories are delightful
    they bubble in my head

  2. zoya gautam says:

    they understood pain
    and love was all they wanted
    the story remained ..

    thank u for ur wonderful poems ..

  3. jukota says:

    Three wonderful poems tell a wonderful story. Love the photos, especially the story teller’s chair, well, wait the back stage chair, no wait… oh they’re all good!

  4. Loch Rob says:

    Most excellent. I really like your photos and verse. It is amazing the stories old chair can tell. Well done.

  5. SandyCarlson says:

    Oh, those stories yearning for an audience. How they haunt a place.

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