Poetry Stretch: Childhood Games

When the “Poetry Stretch”  prompt to write about your favorite childhood game appeared, I immediately thought of playing  “jacks”.  I played for hours at recess and was pretty good. Tried recently and was awful!  How was I possibly coordinated enough to play?

But I also thought about the other game I played a lot: “hopscotch.”  Last week’s prompt, the ricameter, seems to fit for this weeks prompt:

short hop, scratched lines
invented by Romans
throw your marker in the box, hop!
 hope other player misses, steps on line
winner completes course first
sometimes I still
hop, hop

Wikipedia was my source for some history about “hopscotch”.

More poetry about childhood games can be found here.  BTW, Jane Yolen has a fabulous poem about the game of  “jacks”.  Poetry Friday is being hosted at The Drift Record by Julia Larios. 

Check It Out features a poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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2 Responses to Poetry Stretch: Childhood Games

  1. annie says:

    I loved hop scotch as a child. No matter where I lived, I could play hop scotch. No friends? Didn’t matter. I could always play hop scotch. And sometimes – the best part was drawing the lines and making the connecting boxes.

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