Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree and Please Don’t Email Santa

Ever since grandgirl #2’s first Christmas four years ago, we have gone in search of our Christmas trees.  The morning begins with breakfast.  And for the last two years we opted for at home with baked French toast, eggs, and bacon. Yum!

We have not been able to find the perfect tree fam.  The one we go back to again and again.  This year was no exception.   Filled with hope, we ventured to one touted as historic and located near a portion of the Oregon Trail.  There was promise of gingerbread cookies and a wagon ride.   Cookies were not a thank you gift for coming out and the wagon rides didn’t appear to be happening.

 The historic farmhouse.    

PLUS it was 36 degrees out and WINDY!  So, we grabbed the saws, the kneeling pads, crossed the street and off to the smattering of trees.  As grandgirl #2 said, “I am going to find the perfect tree.” 

My husband and I have entered the era of small trees (we would probably have fake if not for the Christmas tree tradition), therefore the small nobles were out.  Not allowed to cut small nobles.

We found a little grand fir.  Saw, saw, saw and then we were on our way.  Wind still blowing.  Checkout and surprise! Our tree was $10. 

            Walking back to pay.

             Grand fir score!     

                   Grandgirls #2 and # 3 are cold and don’t want photo, G’ma!

The tree is now in the front room. Lights are on and this week the ornaments will be placed.

Last night, my husband and I had the opportunity to babysit the two grandgirls while mom and dad went out for a wee bit. Grandgirl #2 retreived orange foam sheets, scissors so we could create a craft.  G’ma cut out shapes and grandgirl glued them onto foam.  I told her that “Santa only ever gets email” so she has decided that we should send this to him:

Orange candy canes, the latest trend and orange ornaments. 

She said to me that I would dream of  Santa and all the fun I had with her.  Grandgirl #3 did great. No big fusses, ate well, and laughed when the grandpa monster came after the three of us.

It’s been a wonderful weekend. (BTW, grandgirl#1 is the cousin of these two grandgirls)

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