Kidlit Contest

Do you write kidlit stories?  Do you have one finished?  There is a terrific opportunity  to enter the first 500 words of a completed MG and/or YA novel.  Winner recieves comlimentary critique of the beginning page/s.

Kidlit Contest is a feature of Mary Kole’s blog, She works for the Andrea Brown Literary Agency as an associate agent.

Got to enter before January 31, 2010.   There are a couple of other requirements for the contest but you can do it! Go ahead. Jump in. I am. is a new blog for me but one that I will visit and read more often now that I have found it. There’s a lot of great posts about revision and publishing world.

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2 Responses to Kidlit Contest

  1. shraddha says:

    awsome idea!!

    i might try..

  2. Lisa Nowak says:

    I’ve head about his contest, but don’t think I’ll enter. I’ve already queried Mary, and while she said my writing was strong, she didn’t connect with the subject matter. I could enter with my other manuscript, but since it’s also about racing, it’s not likely to be any more palatable to her.

    What I liked about Mary Kole is that she was kind enough to give me a personal response. The policy of the Andrea Brown Agency is not to reply if they’re not interested in a manuscript, so she went above and beyond, and I respect that.

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