Old Chair


Read Write Poem had a picture prompt about an old chair this past week.  (I decided to use my own photo of an old chair).
The Poetry Stretch prompt was to write a tritina:
10-line poem made of three, 3-line stanzas and a 1-line envoi
There is no rhyme scheme but rather an end word scheme. It is: 




A, B, and C (all words used in the last line/envoi)
Generally the end words are unrhymed. 


Old Chair, Hagerman, Idaho, 2009 

Here’s my response to both prompts: 

A broken fence, a rusted chair
waits in the deserted garden
for the return of the farmer 

“Water is for fighting over,” declared the farmer
family gathered around the rusted chair
vegetable roots withered in the garden 

Winter winds whip through the bare garden
carries the voice of the farmer
no longer in need of the rusted chair 

A rusted chair, a vacant garden, longs for the farmer 

Picture Book of the Day is hosting Poetry Friday.

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9 Responses to Old Chair

  1. Marian says:

    A very spare poem; thanks for the education on form. Why regaled? It sounds so regal for the dry land of the poem. I like the image of the chair longing for it owner.

  2. Tumblewords says:

    There is a chair like that at my family ‘homestead’ in Idaho. I hear your story. Nice work!

  3. wayne says:

    thanks for this…..nicely done…cheers

  4. nathan says:

    I like the way you quote the farmer. It really adds another dimension to the piece.

  5. poetryaboutart says:

    Beautiful! I love how you made the prompt your own. I love how you manage to sketch the character of the farmer in such few words, and to imbue the chair with feeling. Despite all the loss, ruin, abandonment, the chair is filled with longing. Very nice tritina!

  6. I have heard of neither poetry stretch nor picture book of the day poetry friday so… I am excited for those AND…

    enjoyed the vivid imagery and rhythm of your poem today. Thank you!

  7. Chef E says:

    I like it when I leave a site and leaned something, thanks…liked the poem, and the photo!

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