Writing Retreat: Sylvia Beach Hotel


Take one Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Add bunks in the dorm of the Sylvia Beach Hotel (which they don’t really advertise)

Blend a most fabulous 3 days of sunshine and little wind

Five dedicated writers


One fantastic writing retreat

Sylvia Beach Hotel is the 3 story green building, tallest one in photo.

What are the odds? The odds that five of five writers could break away from homes and jobs to carve a little time for a writing retreat?

What are the odds?  That the hotel has the bunks you need at $30 per night (breakfast included, it is a B&B hotel afterall).

What are the odds? That the weather would be some of the greatest in February in very long time (granted stormy weather would have been just as appreciated)

The odds were in our favor this past weekend to have an impromptu writer’s retreat spring from the conversations in January. 

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is located in the historic Nye Beach area of Newport, OR.   Been there since the beginning of the 20th century but for the last 22 years it has been a reading hotel with rooms decorated in the style of a variety of authors.

So while the rest of my group arrived on Thursday evening, I arrived on Friday about noon.  There are 33 stairs to the third floor of the hotel which would become our living area for the time we were there.  I mean look at this view!

 Sunset, Friday Night

The view was so fantastic, that we learned that monopolizing the seats are not appreciated by some.  We didn’t mean to capture the chairs in the “living” room. We just left our things while we went to lunch which took longer than expected. 

The time to write and think about my WIP was amazing.   It was a bit hard to leave on Sunday but had to be done.

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  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    Wow! Sounds like everything came together perfectly.

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